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Artist presentation

Agnete Kofoed Petersen

Agnete Kofoed Petersen is born and raised in Denmark but has also spend years in France and Ethiopia. For more than 25 years she has worked with art. Agnete is autodidact but has received education by the renowned artist Håkan Nystrøm. She produces unique pieces of art, working primarily with acrylic on canvas, and has made exhibitions of works several places in Europe and in Africa. Several works have been tailormade for hospitals, churches, a college, orphanages and playgrounds.
Besides painting she works with graphic, steel wire and clay, and with grinding of plexiglass and glass surfaces.
Said about Agnete Kofoed Petersen
by Mrs. Grethe Olsen, Director of Gallery Emmaus
Agnete Kofoed Petersen has found her own style with inspiration in expressive French art and Ethiopian traditional decoration: figurative, power- and colourful… Human faces in different versions are the preferred motive. Portrayed with leaning, edgy and sometimes nearly dissolved forms. And exactly the outer edges of human life and emotions are an inspiration for Agnete Kofoed Petersen: the daring, longing, loving, failing community, forgiving, hoping, believing, ferociously loving again and again.
All these emotions are reflected in the motives. Not only as a declarative rendering of human aspects, but also as an input to understand the mechanisms at play in the interpersonal relations. And, not least as an important input inviting the viewer to consider her own values and role in relations.

Exhibitions (selected)
- Gallery Kaffeslottet, Denmark; censored exhibitions in 1998 and 1999;
Gallery Kaffeslottet, Denmark: solo exhibition 2001.
- Gallery Svanekegaarden, Denmark: censored exhibition in 2010;
Gallery Svanekegaarden, Denmark: solo exhibition 2015.
- Gallery du Nord, Vence, France 2008.
- Permanently related to Gallery Emmaus, Denmark, since 2012.
- Since 2016 exhibition in own gallery, Gallery AgneteArt.
Agnete K Petersen | Bredgade 20, 3730 Nexø  | Tlf.: +45 3020 9544