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Inspiration, English

What happens with expressions of humanity
when we meet ourselves, an-other or are met by God?
In all layers and underneath all
a human being is in there!
There is an I, in here!
With the holy and the ugly in eternal exchange…
Bound by what is seen,
by what is heard,
and by what exists only in the longing.
Once in a while the bound is released in bonding,
a space for giving and receiving in vulnerability,
a kiss, a roar, a waiting, a swish and a silent joy of
a way or a human coming to meet me.
An interface, where light exchange with darkness.
May I ask: is the shadow part of my creative being?
Goya lost his hearing, but kept his vision,
unfortunately “deprived of grace,” (Henrik Wivel).
Let me keep the grace!
And may grace be found in the shadow too,
in the human.
there is no shadow without light.
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